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Sunday School


Dear Family,

Welcome to our parish catechetical program. The purpose of this program is to follow Christ’s call “to proclaim the Good News everywhere in the world and to hand his message on to successive generations by professing, living and celebrating the faith…” (National Directory for Catechesis #15)

In our parish, the pastor, working with parents and those in catechetical ministry, plans and carries out this catechetical mission. This handbook has been designed to provide general information, dates, and requirements for participation in the parish program. The parish reserves the right to amend this handbook as necessary. Parents will be notified, in writing, if changes are made to any procedure or information contained in this handbook. We hope this serves to enhance communication, and provide a clear presentation of expectations and responsibilities of students and their families. In the long run, we hope it makes family life easier!

In the National Directory for Catechesis, the U.S. Bishops remind us that it is in the parish that the faithful are “energized to carry out Christ’s mission.” It is here that the “spiritual, moral and material support for the regular and continuing catechetical development of the parishioners” is provided. (NDC, #60)

We thank you for your support and cooperation, and look forward to working together with you this year. It is in working together that we are the Body and Christ and carry out His mission.

May the Lord bless our efforts,

Father Zoghby

Diane Stoyka
Parish Catechetical Leader


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