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Church Staff
Name / Ttile Contact Via Email
Very Reverend James F. Zoghby, V.F., Pastor Click Here
Rev. John S. Boudreaux, Associate Pastor Click Here
Rev. Mr. Arthur W. Robbins, Deacon  
Mrs. Becky Sheffield, Pastoral Assistant Click Here
Mrs. Judi B. Ankiewicz, Pastoral Assistant  
Mrs. Joan T. McMullen, School Principal Click Here
Mrs. Linda M. Hawkins, Preschool Director Click Here
Mrs. Lisa E. Finnorn, Director of Religious Education for Youth Click Here
Mrs. Carole Rathle Grant, Director of Youth Ministry Click Here
Mr. Matthew F. Purvis, Director Of Music Click Here
Martin V. Marzullo, Community Center Manager Click Here
Corpus Christi Parish Council
Chairperson: Mr. William F. Geers
Vice-Chair: Dr. Fritz LaCour
Secretary: Mr. Chris Knight
Liturgy Commission: Mr. Richard March
Community Life Commission: Mrs.Vicki Cawthon
Community Life Commission: Mrs. Theresa Christie
Community Life Commission: Mrs. Evalyn Ellis
Religious Education Commission: Mrs. Rita Langan
Religious Education Commission: Mr. Walter Bracewell
School Board: Mr. Sean P. Wentworth
Youth Commission: Mrs. Terri Cain
Youth Commission: Mr. Danny Kelly
Youth Commission: Mr. John McAleer
Preschool Board: Mrs. Santie Jordan
Facilities & Maintenance Commission: Dr. Fritz A. LaCour
Finance Council: Mrs. Deanie Waddell
Archdiocesan Pastoral Council Representative: Mr. Bill Geers


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