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Corpus Christi Catholic School, in Mobile, Alabama, was founded in 1933, as St. Mary’s Mission School, to provide Catholic education for students financially unable to attend a Catholic school closer to town. Reverend Bernard McKenna opened the new Corpus Christi Catholic School in 1958, offering kindergarten through eighth grade. The school was served by the Sisters of Mercy of the Union, Province of Baltimore, and later by the Irish Sisters of Mercy.

In 1990, the United States Department of Education recognized Corpus Christi Catholic School for its academic excellence by making it a Blue Ribbon School. In 1991, the decision was made to expand the school by adding one classroom per year starting with kindergarten. Corpus Christi was fully doubled at the beginning of the 1999-2000 school-year. New classroom buildings opened in January of 1996 and in the spring of 1998. A new gymnasium was dedicated in the fall of 1996. An arts and music wing was added in the spring of 2000. Renovations of the computer lab were completed in the fall of 2000. Construction of a new cafeteria and community center were completed in the November of 2005. The library was renovated in the summer of 2006. The science lab was updated in 2010. The gym activity room was renovated to make space for boys and girls locker rooms in the spring of 2011.

Technology has always been a priority at Corpus Christi Catholic School. The school has had a computer lab since the early 80s. Teachers have had computers in their classrooms for more than 15 years. The school has wireless access and every classroom is equipped with internet access.  Over the past four years, the technology available to our students and teachers has increased dramatically.  All classrooms have a Promethean Interactive board and digital projector. Teachers use iPads and student response systems in the classroom as part of the technology program. Classrooms have had Promethean Boards and projectors since 2008. The school has had a computer club consisting of students in grades 3-8 that participates in the ACTE fair for more than 20 years.

The physical plant includes eighteen self-contained classrooms, two resource rooms, computer lab, science lab, media center, band room, conference room, counselor office, health room and main office containing the principal’s office and support staff offices. The public relations director and Scrip coordinator also have offices.

The school has a lighted athletic field with grass bleachers. The playground was updated in 2008. There are practice playing fields adjacent to the campus.