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The Archdiocese of Mobile charges Catholic schools with the mission of providing Catholic education that deepens the Catholic faith while providing opportunities for rigorous academic instruction.  

Catholic Schools will:

  • recognize  that parents are the primary educators of their children; therefore, effective collaboration and communication with families as partners are essential to the success of the students;
  • focus on the moral and ethical development of all students in accordance with Christ’s teachings, while preparing them to be citizens of the world and responsible stewards of God’s creation;
  • challenge all students to achieve the highest academic standards as related to the Archdiocesan Standards and other research-based curricula;  
  • instruct students in the Catholic faith and promote faith development through worship, participation in the Sacraments, prayer and community service;
  • expect the commitment of all parents, teachers, staff and administrators for success in carrying out their mission to educate and teach Gospel Values
  • provide a safe, supportive, and nurturing learning environment for the students in order to assure student achievement;
  • regard students as valued individuals with unique, spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs;
  • recognize and appreciate cultural diversity, while welcoming students of all faiths;
  • produce graduates who possess a comprehensive understanding of the world, recognize the need for service to others and commit to excellence in their chosen vocations.