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Profile of a Corpus Christi Catholic School Graduate

A graduate of Corpus Christi Catholic School has a reputation throughout the community as a well-balanced young man or woman who strives for excellence in academics and is committed to spiritual and physical growth.

Spiritual Growth

A graduate of Corpus Christi Catholic School knows that the school is anchored in the teachings of Jesus who is the model for the faculty and the inspiration for students. The student experiences a personal journey of faith development.

The graduate:

  • is an example of Jesus’ kindness and acceptance in thought, word, and deed
  • acts with dignity, kindness, consideration, and truthfulness
  • demonstrates knowledge and understanding of Church teachings
  • is accepting and loving of others
  • shows compassion and understanding for others
  • develops spiritually through prayer and service
  • is forming a Christian conscience and evaluating moral choices
  • seeks forgiveness
  • can see God in others and treats others accordingly
  • lives faith through service
  • is able to articulate and defend faith and beliefs
  • is involved in parish activities
  • is generous and giving
  • is open to God’s vocational call

Academic Growth

A graduate of Corpus Christi Catholic School is well-prepared for the challenges of high school.

The graduate:

  • is self-motivated and possesses a strong work ethic
  • takes pride in academic success
  • demonstrates a capacity for critical thinking and problem-solving
  • has a thirst for knowledge
  • is a good writer and communicates well
  • develops good study habits
  • demonstrates academic integrity
  • knows how to budget and allocate time
  • demonstrates a creative intelligence in a variety of disciplines
  • has grades which reflect their drive to maintain high academic goals which set the groundwork for continued learning

Religious Growth

A graduate of Corpus Christi Catholic School is committed to the daily practice of  faith.

The graduate:

  • lives a life that reflects what God represents to a Christian
  • demonstrates an awareness of God’s love by extending that love to self, family, friends, and community
  • lives the Catholic faith through service to others
  • attends and actively participates in weekly Mass
  • regularly receives the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist
  • knows Catholic Doctrine and is confident discussing beliefs
  • is eager to learn more about  faith
  • values  Catholic education
  • develops an awareness of and respect for other religions and beliefs

Social Growth

A graduate of Corpus Christi Catholic School is a well-adjusted and thoughtful person who is respected by adults and peers.

The graduate:

  • is confident and self-assured
  • makes wise choices even with pressure from peers
  • dresses modestly and in good taste
  • is polite and exhibits  good manners
  • accepts consequences of words and actions
  • practices the fifteen self-discipline skills detailed in Discipline with Purpose
  • is respectful of parents and teachers
  • is tolerant of different cultures
  • is conversant in current events
  • makes eye contact when speaking to an individual
  • shows empathy
  • can sacrifice the spotlight for the good of the group
  • exhibits leadership skills
  • has a sense of humor
  • displays a social conscience through a commitment to protecting the environment
  • is able to work well within a group
  • can delay gratification
  • exhibits confidence and skill in public speaking

Physical Growth

A graduate of Corpus Christi Catholic School recognizes the value of a healthy and well- balanced lifestyle.

The graduate:

  • views the body as a temple, thus avoiding things that will harm it
  • understands the importance of caring for the body through exercise, nutrition, and living a drug-free life
  • learns the value of discipline through participating in sports, dance, and other athletic activities
  • understands the connection between exercise and nutrition as a preventive measure for illness
  • is well-groomed
  • practices good sportsmanship
  • values the virtues of teamwork and cooperation