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School Advisory Committee

The 2016 School Advisory Committee (“SAC”) held its initial meeting on September 20, 2016.
We understand that our most important task is understanding the needs of our parents and students, and communicating those needs to our Principal. With that in mind, following are the members of the 2016-17 Corpus Christi SAC. If you ever have any questions about the school, or any issues you need to discuss, please either contact Mrs. Martin or one of our SAC members – that is why we are here!


Our regular meetings are scheduled for November 1, January 10, March 14, and May 9. There may be additional special meetings. If you ever have an issue that you feel needs to be discussed by the SAC, please contact one of our members by Monday of the week prior to our meeting, and we will put that item on the agenda for discussion.

Our SAC currently is reviewing a five-year plan (2015-2019) previously adopted by the school. The plan covers multiple objectives, including academic goals, strengthening of our Catholic identity, expanding support programs for students and parents, and others. Some goals have already been obtained, such as improving campus security by adding security gates and installing cameras (which recently led to the arrest of two people burglarizing the school at night) and improving technology (which will be a continual goal). The plan
will be updated by our next meeting, and a report will be made available to parents, showing what has been accomplished already and what we need to continue working on.
The majority of our work will be done through our four committees:

1. Finance Committee: David Walker will serve as chair. This committee is responsible for working on the school budget, determining tuition/fee amounts, etc.
2. Facilities Committee: Brant Hanna will serve as chair. This committee will continue surveying our facilities and determining where we need repairs or upgrades. Maintenance will be a focus. There are also plans for additional security measures soon.
3. Enrollment and Retention Committee: This committee looks at our enrollment numbers, and what we can do to improve those numbers and retain the students we have. We will resume conducting surveys of parents, teachers, and 8th grade students to determine what the school does well and where it can improve.
4. Technology Committee: Susie Veasey will serve as chair. Christina Lursen and Kim Langham will represent the teachers on this committee, and Jason Alidor will represent parents. This committee is surveying what technology we have now, how it is used, what technology we need to improve or acquire, and what our technology curriculum should be going forward.
You do not have to be a member of the SAC to serve on one of these committees. If you would like to help, or you have information you think would be useful, please contact the chair of that committee.
Again, we are here to listen and communicate on your behalf. Mrs. Martin has taken an active role in improving all aspects of our school, and we are here to help her – and help you by communicating your thoughts, including what you think the school is doing right and where you think we need improvement. Please let us know!
Corpus Christi Catholic School Advisory Committee