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I am Nicky Lausier Cox, Corpus Christi class of 1986.  I am very honored to have recently received the Distinguished Graduate Award presented annually by Corpus Christi School.  I am extremely proud of the time I spent at Corpus “back in the day.”  To this day, I recall with happiness my time at Corpus Christi School.  I remain good friends with a number of former classmates and I continue to make new friends in the Corpus Family today.
I appreciate the manner in which Corpus Christi prepared me for my times at McGill-Toolen Catholic and then Auburn University.  Today, I am excited and appreciative of the education my three daughters are getting at Corpus.  My husband and I are always amazed at the honors bestowed upon the current classes at Corpus.  Whether standardized test scores or placement at McGill-Toolen or graduating honors from McGill-Toolen, the list is always filled with Corpus students or Corpus graduates.  The results of a Corpus Christi education are impressive.
Additionally, the Corpus Christi community is a special body.  Both Church and school events are always well attended and the spirit of volunteering from the Corpus Community is second to none. If you aren’t currently taking advantage of this wonderful school and tight-knit community, you are missing something truly special.  Whether you have children currently enrolled, future Cougars awaiting enrollment or you or your children are now alumni, I strongly encourage you to participate fully in the Corpus Christi family community.  It is an integral and fulfilling part of my family’s life.  I encourage you to make it a part of your family’s life.

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