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Download the SCRIP order form. Click here.
Or, email your order. Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Corpus Christi School uses a fundraising program known as "SCRIP" as its primary fundraising activity. Scrip is a program that runs all year long (even in the summer) and requires no door-to-door sales by children or parents. Participation in the Scrip program costs our supporters nothing and we even share the profits with our school families!

"Scrip" is simply gift certificates or debit cards. Our supporters order from the merchants listed on our order form and we place an order with the Great Lakes Scrip Center to purchase the cards at a discounted price. The difference between the full price paid by the supporter and the discounted price is profit for the school. We also have a large selection of local merchants in the Scrip program. Scrip certificates and debit cards are used just like cash at the merchants who offer them. Participating in the program COSTS YOU NO EXTRA MONEY!! You shop at the places you always shop, you simply purchase Scrip for that merchant before you go shopping.

Some examples of Scrip merchants are Walmart, Visa Prepaid Card, Bruno's, Winn Dixie, JC Penney's, Land's End, Papa John's Pizza, Applebee's, and over 300 other merchants. The Great Lakes Scrip Center provides scrip to over 300 merchants and Corpus Christi has recruited local merchants in addition to the national merchants. Our order form reflects the most popular merchants available to us in this area but scrip can be ordered from any Great Lakes Scrip Center merchant.

Now to the "profit-sharing" part - After a Corpus Christi School family earns $100 profit for the school, any further profit is split 50/50 between the family and the school in the form of tuition credit. After the initial $100 profit, one-half of all profit earned directly benefits your family! Many families have earned free tuition for one month or more by participating in the Scrip program.

Scrip orders are processed every Monday morning at 11:00AM. Most parents send their orders in with their child on Monday morning and the teacher or assistant sends the orders to the Scrip office. Scrip orders may be dropped off at any time during the week at the Parish Office, the School Office or the Preschool Office but the order will be processed the following Monday. Orders are filled on Wednesday and delivered to classrooms to be sent home to the parents unless other arrangements are made. PARENTS ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ORDERS LOST BY THEIR CHILDREN.

Scrip inventory may also be available for purchase at other times during the week, such as carpool line. The Scrip office is unable to issue refunds on orders but will issue a credit if so needed. Occasionally, certificates are on backorder at the Great Lakes Scrip Center but they will be delivered as soon as received. If a supporter changes their mind about purchasing an item that is on backorder, a credit can be issued for a future Scrip order.

Another easy way to earn tuition credit is to apply for the Target Guest Card or Target Visa. One percent of every purchase made with the Target Guest Card and .5% of every purchase made with the Visa is donated to Corpus Christi and credited to your family. Simply bring a copy of your statements to the Scrip office. Applications are available in the Scrip office.

Please feel free to contact the Scrip office at 342-5474, ext. 1204 for further information. Leave a message and your call will be returned. Scrip order forms are available at the Parish Office, the School Office, outside the Scrip Office and online at http://www.shopwithscrip.com

Thank you for your support of Corpus Christi School!