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A Day in the Life


“The values that have remained with me because of my Catholic school education is to love one another, respect all people, treat each other as you would want others to treat you, to follow Jesus’ path on the road to heaven, and to follow God’s Ten Commandments, to love God and all people.”~ Eric Toth, 8th Grade Student

 “The most important thing about a Catholic education is that it is an extension of our own family values.  At Corpus Christi Catholic School, our children are exposed to a faith-filled education focused on excellence, along with many sports and club opportunities that allow them to love out the values taught in this Catholic education.  Sportsmanship; love of neighbors; fairness; and honesty - these are the characteristics that are taught and expected by all students.  They are shown and enforced throughout all school and extracurricular activities.”~ Elizabeth Bracewell. Parent

“Corpus Christi Catholic School enriches their students both academically and spiritually because the teachers want all students to be successful, both in the classroom and in everyday life.  We love how all children are given many different avenues to succeed in the class and to be involved in clubs and extracurricular activities.”  ~ John and Candice McLaughlin, Parents

“Being involved in many clubs and activities at Corpus Christi Catholic School has allowed me to create truly special memories and lifelong friendships that I will treasure always.”  ~ Erica Burns, 8th Grade Student